Friday, October 26, 2012

Creepy Crawlers and More Blog Hop

Welcome to our Creepy Crawlers and More Blog Hop!!! This is such a fun time of year! Our creative juices start flowing and it all begins at Halloween. This is probably the one time we can get really silly and SPOOKY with our projects. It’s like we become little kids again. So we gathered up some very talented Witches who wanted to show off their projects. NOW DON'T MAKE THEM MAD, BY NOT LEAVING A COMMENT! THEY HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO PUT SPELLS ON BLOGS.
And of course we have CANDY!! You have to give out CANDY on Halloween. All you have to do, to be entered into the drawing is,
  • To hop to every blog and leave a comment
  • Go to Jennifer’s Face Book page, Leave a comment and Like her page 

Here is our line up:
  1. Pamela ~
  2. Colleen ~
  3. Katie ~
  4. Jennifer ~
  5. Jennifer J ~
  6. Tina ~
  7. Cathie~
  8. CallyAnn-
  9. Miriam ~
  10. Rachelle~

For my project, I took a small container and put candy rub-on's all around it. I added the candy corns and I put the bow on top. I plan on giving this to my friends for Halloween.

Now it's time for you Witches to grab your Ghosts, Wizards, and Bats and jump on your broom to fly to Jennifer's Blog!

Thanks so much for spending this Halloween Hop with us! Don't eat too much candy!!! And watch out for those black cats!!!



  1. These are super cute and will make great gifts for your friends! Great job, Katie! :)

  2. Neat idea, I just saw some of them at dollar tree but didn't purchase them. Now that I see what you did with them I'm rushing back to dollar tree today!!


  3. cute containers....your friends will love them


  4. Yummmm, candy corn. Cute. Thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for sharing your cut little gift. I love the rub ons they are adorable.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  6. Your friends will love it! Great idea!

  7. You did a wonderful job, Katie Bug!! And you did it all by yourself!!! I very proud of your bow~

  8. This is so cute! Your friends will love it =)

  9. Great job! I know your friends will love this.

  10. Lucky friend to have you as her friend!! I'm sure she's going to love what you did for her!! Super job :-)

  11. cute way to fancy up some treats

    smiles Sher

  12. Yummy, so simple and yet cute... your friends are going to love it, Great idea!!!! xoxo

  13. Cute treat container!! What a great treat for your friends!!